Partner With Us To Protect Your Assets And Reduce Security Risks.

We prioritize your convenience and protection with our security system, providing easy access to your valuables while keeping your privacy secure. Our team creates tailored solutions to protect your assets, giving you peace of mind.

Private Safe Deposit Boxes: Unmatched Security and Flexibility

Protect your valuables with bank-quality standards and superior security at Commonwealth Vault & Safe Deposit Co. Our private safe deposit boxes are available for lease to individuals, businesses, estates, and trusts. You can even list beneficiaries for your box account for added convenience.

We offer standard safe deposit box sizes and pricing, ranging from the compact 3″H x 5″W to the spacious 10″H x 10″W. Our annual fee structure includes a minimum 3-month charge for month-to-month services, and we also offer custom storage options and different box sizes to fit your unique needs.

At Commonwealth Vault & Safe Deposit Co., we prioritize your peace of mind. Each safe deposit box comes with a personal container and two keys, and our state-of-the-art vaults are designed to provide unmatched protection for your valuables.

Experience the unparalleled security and flexibility of Commonwealth Vault & Safe Deposit Co. Choose us for your safe deposit box needs today.