Partner With Us To Protect Your Assets And Reduce Security Risks.

We prioritize your convenience and protection with our security system, providing easy access to your valuables while keeping your privacy secure. Our team creates tailored solutions to protect your assets, giving you peace of mind.

All-Risk Insurance Coverage for Secure Storage at Sentry Security Vaults

Get peace of mind when you store your valuables with Sentry Security Vaults. Our secure storage units come with built-in all-risk coverage, including $5,000 of insurance at no additional cost to you. Upgrade to $1 million or more at discounted rates with no upfront disclosures or deductibles paid upon loss. Our SDBIC-Secure Plus contents insurance program is underwritten by AXA Art, a leading global insurer of high-value property.

Our secure storage units are protected against natural and man-made disasters, including burglary, robbery, flood, tornado, earthquake, mudslide, explosion, insurrection, tsunami, landslide, looting, wildfire, hurricane, sinkhole, and terrorist attack. You can store a wide range of valuable items, including cash, currency, coins, gold, silver, bullion, jewelry, diamonds, gems, bank notes, bonds, securities, rare books, collectibles, fine art, antiques, heirlooms, firearms, gold certificates, sports memorabilia, and historical documents.

Our insurance policy is issued directly in your name, so you can actively manage it and adjust coverage as needed. Confidentiality and privacy are always preserved, and no forms need to be filled out for increased coverage. Our company is also the first private vault and storage facility in the Eastern US to earn accredited status under the SDBIC SecurePlus program, ensuring world-class protection.